$10,000 Home Purchase
Savings Guarantee*

For those Nelson and area homebuyers who not only want to find the home that perfectly suits their needs and desires... but also want to purchase their dream home for the lowest possible price

I can help you accomplish both of these goals; and here's how it works:

Once you become one of my VIP Buyers, and I've helped you find the Nelson area home that you want to purchase, I will negotiate on your behalf to help you purchase this home for at least $10,000 less than the listed asking price guaranteed, or I'll pay you $1,000 at the closing of the sale. These funds simply come from the commission I earn as a result of the closed sale. In most cases, the sale of a property in BC creates a small pool of funds set aside to handle the closing costs, legal fees, and Realtor fees. As one of the Realtors participating in the transaction, I can negotiate my fee at any time in the process and as such, I'm prepared to redirect $1,000 from my commissions so they are received by your lawyer at the closing. 

That's pretty straightforward isn't it? You see, I specialize in helping Home Buyers like you purchase the home of your dreams by guaranteeing my services.

* Some conditions apply.

To get more information on how you can become one of my VIP Buyers, and receive my $10,000 Home Purchase Savings Guarantee*, contact me using the form on this page.